American Precision at its Best

LA Gauge Company is an ultra-precision machining and optic shop specializing in specialty metal fabrication for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. We manufacture the most reliable, complex, and critical hardware to a wide array of customers & major defense programs.




L.A. Gauge is the United States’ leading manufacturer of Beryllium and Aluminum-Beryllium (AlBeMet) build-to-print parts. We manufacture critical components for all major Aerospace and Defense companies, machining some of the most complex parts to the closest tolerances. We are also experienced with Beryllium-Copper, Titanium, Silicone Carbide, and several other exotic materials.

Ultra-Precision Machining

We provide customers with a one-stop shop for precision machining, using advanced
technology and the latest manufacturing equipment.

We have a broad range of capabilities, from engineering to design and
manufacturing support.

Manufacturing Engineering

With a customer service-focused culture, we work closely with you to reduce costs and
exceed your expectations.

Our upfront investments in planning and continuous improvements give our customers
control over their orders’ quality, costs, and delivery to match their needs.


Using planetary polishing processes and interferometric testing equipment in a controlled environment, our expert opticians are able to produce flat and smooth surfaces in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Our mirrors are used in some of the most advanced targeting systems in the world 

About Us

L.A. Gauge is an ultraprecision and optics manufacturing company that serves the aerospace and defense industries with reliable, complex, and critical hardware.

Known primarily for our success in beryllium machining, LA Gauge demonstrates “American precision at its best,” holding machining tolerances to 1 μ (0.00004 in.), and polishing tolerances to 1 Å (0.000000004 in.)

LAGC Quality Policy & System Certifications

We strive to deliver services that will exceed regulatory requirements as well as our customers’ expectations. Our staff maintains the highest Quality System Standards in the manufacturing sector. We hold AS9100, Rev D + ISO 9001:2015 certifications, certified by Intertek. We are ITAR compliant/registered and continually work towards improving our Quality Management System by identifying risks and promoting ethical behaviors.
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