Metal Optics Processing

L.A. Gauge’s metal optics polishing capabilities are second to none for prototype and production orders. Using planetary polishing processes and utilizing interferometric testing in a controlled environment, the expert opticians at L.A. Gauge achieve superior flatness requirements on a wide variety of geometrical shapes and sizes

The L.A. Gauge optics laboratory traditionally manufactures metal optic mirrors to demanding flatness tolerances of a 1/10 wave over a 10-inch diameter face and a surface finish to 20-10 standard.

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Optical Processing Center

•2 – 48-inch Planetary Polishing Machine & 1 36-inch Planetary Polishing Machine

•12” 4D Accufiz Interferometer with 4D Tech Software version 2.8 Rev. A

•4D Technology Software: 4 sight Interferometer and wave front analysis softwareVer. 1.8, Rev. 2

•Davidson 5-inch Fizeau Interferometer

•Wyco 2000 Non-Contact Phase Shift Profilometer

•Master Flat, 1/20 Wave, 6-inch, certified

•Davidson Scratch and Dig standard, certified

•Surface Roughness Standard, 4.6 Angstroms, certified

•Davidson MIL-SPC Viewing Fixture, surface quality.