About Us

LA Gauge Company History

L.A. Gauge was founded in 1954 as a precision gauge manufacturer. It soon expanded into gauge tolerance production parts, exotic metal machining, and ceramic parts. In 1968, we designed and constructed our current primary 30,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility. This facility includes environmental controls for ultra precision measurement and handling of exotic metals. In 2007, we expanded our capabilities by adding a metal optics polishing department.

L.A. Gauge’s plant was designed specifically for handling Beryllium and other exotic materials. The facility has a working Metrology Laboratory with temperature and humidity controls, and a Class 100 Laminar Flow Clean Room for LOX cleaning, assembly and packaging solutions. Now celebrating over 65 years of operation, L.A. Gauge remains an innovator in lean manufacturing practices and is the one-stop-shop for the tightest machining requirements of America’s leading aerospace firms.

Company Background

Located in Sun Valley, CA (next to The Burbank Airport), LA Gauge Company was purchased by current ownership in 2007. Since then, we have grown exponentially and have become the best in class leader in precision machining. Massive investments in machinery and personnel have been and will continue to be a focus at LAGC. With the growing demands of the Aerospace & Defense Industries, LAGC is prepared to meet and exceed those demands while maintaining the highest level of quality and on time delivery.


    Our core values reflect our company’s principles and beliefs that shape our culture as an organization. These values are at the forefront of any decision making and issue processing meetings with our team and our customers. By adhering to these values, our identity as a team is secured and our vision as an organization pushes forward: To continuously improve in our efforts to produce the highest quality products in the most time-efficient approach.


    Attention To Detail

    We are meticulous in our preperation, review, and execution of our tasks.

    We put in extra effort because we believe there is no such thing as a “small mistake” in our environment.

    Attention to detail

    Full Ownership

    We follow through on the issues we are tasked with and measure success on both individual preformance and team outcomes.

    We provide time, effort, and perspective to do our part and support others to get the job done.

    Full Ownership


    Humbly Confident

    We show our humility through asking questions, admitting mistakes, and supporting an approach that is different or better than our oown.

    We are confident in our ability to take on a job because we are prepared.

    Humbly Confident

    Root Cause Focus

    We work as a team to dig down and identify the real issues and fundamental root cause.

    We use our energy to discuss and solve the issues, not to point fingers.

    Root Cause Focus

    Respect Others

    We go out of our way to show respect toward one another, even when unrecognized or unknown by the other person.

    We value the dignity of every person. 

    Respect Others


    The LA Gauge Proven Process is our unique process that highlight the steps from submitting quotes to shipping the final product. After parts ships, we perform close out meetings for every job shipped to assess performance, identify opportunities of improvement in the process.

    Quotation Phase

    Value Added

    • Communicate LA Gauge capabilities
    • Clarify customer needs
    • Determine partnership fit
    • Provide quotation

    Engineering Phase

    Door to Floor
    Planning Process

    • Review contract requirements
    • Lead producibility discussions
    • Develop and validate plan for production

    Manufacturing Phase

    Delivery of
    Parts to Spec & Schedule

    • Communicate production progress
    • Certify and document compliance
    • Meet quality and delivery commitments

    Closeout Phase

    Closeout Process

    • Evaluate quality and production performance
    • Evaluate quality and production performance
    • Collect customer feedback

    Gauge Analytics

    Investment in continuous improvement and customer partnerships