American Precision at its Best

LA Gauge is an ultraprecision and optics manufacturing company that serves the aerospace and defense industry by delivering on time the most reliable, complex, and critical hardware

Ultra-Precision Machining

We provide customers with a one stop shop for precision machining, using the highest-end and latest manufacturing equipment.

Providing a broad range of capabilities and striving to be a one-stop-shop for manufacturing support.

Manufacturing Engineering

Working closely with customers to reduce costs and exceed expectations

Upfront investment in planning, a culture of continuous improvement, and strong customer service ensures control in both service quality and cost


Using planetary polishing processes and utilizing interferometric testing in a controlled environment, the expert opticians at L.A. Gauge produce flat and smooth surfaces on a wide variety of geometrical shapes and sizes

About Us

Known primarily for its success in beryllium machining, LA Gauge demonstrates to the market American precision at its best, holding machining tolerances to 40 millionths of an inch (micron), and polishing tolerances to the billionths (angstroms).

LA Gauge is your reliable supplier for ultra-precision machining of all materials and for polishing optical flats.

System Quality Certification

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